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The new Martian MARTIANII crosses the frame and uses the matt full carbon plate CNC cutting. According to the customer's suggestion, it has been completely changed to a 4mm thick carbon arm. The X-shaped design is equipped with a sub-board for easy ESC welding to reduce clutter. The line, the assembly is more beautiful, the rack is professionally tested, the flight flexibility and strength are no less than the QAV series frame, which can meet the requirements of high-speed flight and flight.


Comprehensive improvement based on customer feedback:

The bottom plate is thickened to 2mm full carbon plate

The positioning accuracy of the arm fixing hole is improved, and the shaking after installation is reduced.

The length of the fuselage is reduced, reducing the inertial force during maneuvering

Three wheelbase racks are universal, and the accessories are more versatile

.The distribution board is covered with copper thickening to increase the flow resistance.

The head camera position is redesigned, compatible with HS1177 and RUNCAM Swift cameras, and with optional lens mounts, it can still be installed with ordinary SONY700TVL line 32*32 board machine.

The flight control protection board adds a cable ties to facilitate the tying of other additional equipment

Optimized the wheelbase of the arm, adjusted to the common 180mm/220mm/250mm

The thickness of the arm is changed to 4mm full carbon plate to enhance the anti-drop ability of the frame.

Product parameters:

Wheelbase: 180mm, 220mm, 250mm;

Arm: 4mm;

Body panel: 1.5mm top plate, 2mm bottom plate;

Weight: 120g, 130g, 140g

Motor: 2204-2208

Paddle: 180mm wheelbase - 4 inches / 220mm wheelbase - 5 inches / 250mm wheelbase - 6 inches;

Support camera: HS1177, RUNCAM Swift Swift

Add adjustable lens mount to support SONY700TVL 32*32 board

Package included: 

1x  frame kit

1x  PDB board

1x XT60 male plug

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