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1. WIDE VISION ------ 180 ° field of view and splitter-free polycarbonate window for additional security.

2. Anti-fogging ------ Exclusive breath ventilation concept prevents fogging.

3. Impermeability / Seal ------ Dry Top snorkel system prevents water from entering through the upper part of the snorkel.

4. Water drain ------ Vent valve at the bottom of the mask drain water when the head is lifted.

5. Easy to put on and take off ------ Adjustable elastic waistband does not pull hair out.

6. Visibility ------ Snorkel Top can be seen as a traditional snorkel from 4 times further away.

7. Swimming depth ------ Reminder: surface mask, not suitable for the Freiauchen.

This fully dry snorkel mask lets you free your hand, providing a unique diving experience for the users, allowing them to take any breathtaking underwater scenes. The innovative dry top technology allows you to breathe under water. Full face design with hardened glass provides better protection for your face. It is the best mask for you to enjoy your diving experiences!


Brand new and high quality

Durable with camera mounted, easy to Stonego goPro cameras.

Dual air flow channel - Inhale and separate channels for the anti-fouling exhale.

STONEGO Double-layer design is from imitating human face, made of liquid silicone without skin irritations.

180 degree wide viewing with anti-crash security windows for good visibility.

Using a breathing tube with dry top technology, you can breathe freely under water.

Drainage in the mask to drain the water can be by lifting your head when water leaks.

Four adjustable, elastic fabric headband, easy to wear and suitable for all types of headform.

Ideal for diving, swimming, snorkeling and other activities under water.

Important Note: GoPro camera, GoPro camera underwater housing and screw are not included.

Material: Liquid Silicone + PC.

Fashionable, comfortable, soft, good visibility, fit for the face.

Color: Black, Blue, Pink, Green.

Size: kid ( S / M ) , Adult ( L / XL )

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