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PS5 Multi-functional Charging Cooling Vertical Stand

Product Description

1.<<Multi-functional Stand>>  

Dedicatedly designed for both PlayStation 5 console digital and disc versions. This vertical cooling station includes 2 cooling fans, 

2 charging docks for PS5 dualsense controllers, convenient storage slots for 15 PS5 game discs, 1 PS5 media remote and 1 gaming headset stand.

2. <<Enhanced Cooling System>>  2 high speed fans on the base can cool the PS5 console quickly after long time playing and extend PS5 console life. It is very easy to turn the fans on/off by the switch on LED touch screen.

3. <<Controller Charger Station>>  Pick the Type-C adapter up from the base and plug it into the USB Type-C interface of PS5 controller, then put the controller onto the charging port. Make sure the adapter contact the charging dock correctly. 2 DualSense wireless controllers can be charged simultaneously. LED indicators on the screen: Red Light - In Charging / Green Light - Fully Charged. You can keep the Type-C adapter stay on the controller to protect the PS5 controllers from scratches.

4.<<Metal Base and Storage Container>>  High quality & durable metal base keeps your PS5 console more steadily in vertical position. 

15 disc storage slots make it easy to access your favorite PS5 games anytime. 

The innovative modular stand with hooks is specially designed for organising your PS5 gaming headset or other accessories like cables in order.


- 1*PS5 cooling station with charging dock

- 1*Fixing Stud

- 1*Headset stand with 2 parts

- 4*USB-C adapter

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