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Hound Dog Fetch Harness Adjustable Chest Strap Mount for DJI OSMO Action  


1. The chest straps have two fixed position, and can be taken various perspectives: Fixed in the chest can be taken to chew bones, plane and the ball movement. 

2. Fixed on the back, can shoot across the head running, jumping, fetch. 

3. It can be washed by hydrophilic material, you can rest assured to let your dog dog swimming, playing, don't worry will get it very dirty. 

4. Soft padded tectonic let your dog wear up very comfortable. 

5. Fully adjustable, suitable for from 15 pounds to 120 pounds (7kg to 54kilograms) of large, medium, and small dogs. And for smaller dogs, chest straps can be removed. 

6. This world from the angle of the dog. 

7. Can pull down the chest straps to suitable for small dogs. 

8. Washable hydrophilic material, even if it play swimming, playing with water, mud, etc, you also need not worry about the cleaning of chest straps. 

9. The quick-release base makes the camera more simple to install and remove. 

10. Accompanied by a video camera hanging belt, can further ensure the safety of the GoPro.




Material: Nylon, Thailand Imported Rubber

Size: 15.5*14cm (main body, without strap)

Weight: 202g


Package Include:

1 x Chest Strap

1 x J-shaped Bracket

1 x Quick Release Buckle

2 x Screw



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